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Lesen Sie die Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires online kostenlos

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Lesen Sie die Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires online kostenlos – For almost 20 years Jerry and Esther Hicks have been presenting workshops, producing tapes and writing books to help people create the life they desire. And desire is no small word in this agenda. According to the teachings of “Abraham”–a collective name for the spiritual entities that are channeled through Esther–desire is a good and natural force within us. In fact, we are all here to fulfill our desires, according to Abraham. Yet the reason so much of us feel frustrated, is that we have difficulty knowing how to ask and receive whatever we want to be, do or have. Although Jerry and Esther are listed as the authors, Ask and It Is Given is actually a collection of channeled messages from Abraham. Fans of Abraham and the Hicks may not find new information, but will probably be delighted to have an inspiring, updated book that speaks to the familiar conversation of attracting the life we want. Newcomers may also be intrigued by this excellent, in-depth discussion on how to change one’s life by matching the vibrational energy of one’s desires–taking the power of positive thinking to a whole new level. Because this material is channeled, it often reads like The Power of Now or A Course in Miracles–not a fast food book to be devoured in one sitting. Rather, this is a book to be read in passages, with a soothing gestation period in between. It includes much advice on working with energy and emotions as well as specific chapters on increasing prosperity, reclaiming health, working with meditation, and clearing clutter for clarity. For those who are onboard with the “Laws of Attraction” and the “Art of Receiving” that Abraham speaks of, this could be one of those deliciously mysterious books that you can open to any page and it seems to offer the exact advice or insight you need right now.–Gail Hudson.  

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Le Titre Du Livre : Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
Nom de fichier : ask-and-it-is-given-learning-to-manifest-your-desires.pdf
Format original : E-book, Hardcover
Taille du fichier : 2767 KB
Nombre de pages de l’édition imprimée : 352 pages
Editeur : Esther Hicks
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Langue : Englisch
Genre : Persönliche Verwandlung


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